Our Product Line:

Pro Series Soaker Hose
Lawson Premium Quality Soaker Hoses come in different diameters to provide continuous run lengths that fit your customer's needs from 10 to 5,000 feet of even water distribution directly to the root's above or below ground. Convenient irrigation with up to 90% water conservation. Made in the USA using recycled tires and plastics. Brass hardware. Lifetime guarantee.

Tree Stake Kit
Lawson Premium Quality Tree Care Products help your customers!
En power your customers to Protect their investment in trees and shrubs from various threats. Our unique Tree Stake Kits feature exclusive, patented rubber ties that meet Arbor Society recommendations. Bark Shields protect base of small trees and shrubs, while Mulch Rings protect young roots from competing with weeds and grass.

Specialty Power Pallet
Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones. Simple, yet effective. This Specialty item is handy to have around the yard, and your customers are sure to notice and appreciate it in your product offering.

Lawson Premium Quality Trellises feature a variety of pleasing and popular designs for beautifying garden spaces. Our line of wooden trellises feature stout-cut, decay-resistant wood from renewable or farmed tree stands, in Inland Cedar, Redwood or Yellow Pine treated with either MCQ or ACQ non-carcinogenic preservatives. Our displays feature a variety of designs to suit the needs of your different customers. Then simply order specific design to refill merchandising display.

Beauty and Purpose come together in our Lawson Premium Quality Planter and Flower Boxes. The unique Nature's Own design feature rustic bark facings salvaged from lumber mill discards. The Cedar Boxes are crafted from renewable stands of red decar to complement home and patio de'cor. Our Plant Stands protect patios and decks, while making it easier to clean under pots large or small.